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The Lotus Organizer

Lotus Organizer 1.0

Lotus Organizer 1.0
Release Date: 25th August 1992

Yep: This is the first version of lotus organizer ever. I must say I wasn't much impressed, when I ran that software first: Interesting idea - but who wants to carry around his laptop all the time (even if it's such a smart one like the aero). So I bought a Casio SF4980 instead.

Now Lotus Organizer belongs to IBM and it had success with personal digital assistants. It's now version 5.

Lotus advertises for it with the motto: "Control Your Time, Your Contacts, Your Information". Hmm. Sounds like a slogan for control-freaks, in my humble opinion.

Of course the software cannot be downloaded here - it is still copyright protected.

The lotus organizer website can be found at: http://www.lotus.com/

Here is the manual of the Lotus Organizer 1.0, shipped with the Compaq Contura Aero:

in low resolution (242 kb)
in high resolution (2,5 MB)

Thanks for the hard work, Johannes!

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